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About Camp Nofesh

Welcome to Camp Nofesh!

Led by the indefatigable Rabbi Avi Kaplinsky for the past 22 years, Camp Nofesh has made a top name in the industry, planning outstanding summers full of ruchniyus with an emphasis on Torah and middos tovos combined with a summer of ultimate fun, excitement, and adventure!










Learning Programs:



We are proud of our reputation for an excellent learning program headed by Rabbi Ephraim Levi, National Director of Pirchei Agudas Yisroel of America and an outstanding local mechanech with more than twenty years of experience, featuring professional adult Rabbeim for all children.


There is a prize store providing learning incentives for every camper (leaving pre1A through fourth grade and boys leaving fifth grade will have exciting learning incentives), and weekly and monthly best-in-learning winners to encourage every learning group.

There are also weekly/monthly best in middos winners in every bunk.

We also offer an optional Masmidim Program for boys leaving grades 1-5, for one hour after camp, Monday through Thursday, after regular dismissal, for approximately six weeks. There is a small weekly fee for boys leaving grades 1-3, and the Masmidim program is free for boys leaving 4th and 5th grades.

4-5th grade campers also experience our popular optional evening Mishmar Program (at no extra cost) approximately five times during the summer, with refreshments. A special catered banquet for program attendees is held once each half! ​



Expansive Facilities:



Our camp boasts a full-scale camping program including a beautiful and well-guarded pool, spacious grounds in the YKP Boys building and grounds, as well as full access to nearby parks and well manicured ball fields with camp-provided transportation.


The younger boys will typically use our onsite facilities for sports.

Head Staff:


Our excellent staff of counselors headed by the amazing Rabbi Shabsi Horowitz, provides a safe, caring, and fun environment for our boys to play competitively.


Our lifeguards and aquatics staff is trained and coached by our seasoned Aquatics Director, Rabbi Yaakov Rabinowitz WSI, EMT, and our trained instructors gives small group swimming lessons to each and every camper as part of the camp program.

Rabbi Shmuel Rowner is our Camp Medical Director on-premises. A trained EMT, he has many years of experience providing first aid care, handling boys with allergies and asthmatic conditions, and is readily available for any and all concerns.  Parents are requested to contact him any time with any health-related matters they may have with their son pertaining to camp.


Rabbi Baruch Gopin is our amazing trips coordinator, as well as a trained EMT, and is responsible for all aspects of off-site trips, including arranging extra supervision and staffing as needed to keep everyone safe while having fun.

Camp Nofesh Alumnus Chaim Jaffe serves as our Program Director responsible for the terrific daily schedule of activities each and every day in camp. Home-grown talent, Chaim began as camper in  Camp Nofesh, worked his way up to being a beloved staff member, and now combines his great camp experiences with his great middos and talents to ensure each and every day is maximized to the fullest for every single camper.


One of our most popular counselors of 10 years, the indefatigable Dovie Hirsch, a trained EMT leads our amazing Elite Program Division as Division Head with flair and excitement.



Activities, Sports, & Workshops:


In addition to baseball, basketball, volleyball, hockey and other sports activities, boys leaving first grade and up have exciting league competitions with championship trophies and middos trophies awarded each half. Each grade has its own leagues!


We are also keenly aware of those boys who enjoy alternatives to sports and we will provide them with extra access to the hobby room, on days of arts and crafts, as well as our exciting game room.


Boys leaving first grade will have Arts and Crafts run by Mrs. Kontente.


Boys leaving first and second grade will be treated to our popular on-site Nofesh Pedal Kart activity.


Our in-ground, indoor pool is popular with everyone, and a great way to cool off, no matter the weather outside!


Special Days:


Of course, some of the highlights of camp are our fabulous trips and entertaining special activities.


Past years we enjoyed the spectacular on-campus Nofesh amusement park/carnival day with amazing inflatables and rides, as well as bowling and rollerblading trips. An amazing bubble machine was a special treat for much of our younger campers as well.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without the host of other special activities including Color War, Nofesh Petting Zoo, Olympics Days, Deal or No Deal, Plays, and much much more!




Trips & Overnights:


Nofesh is famous as a trendsetter for camp trips, raising the bar time and time again with phenomenal off-site excursions to exciting destinations!


Major trips feature transportation on comfortable, air-conditioned coach buses with restrooms and kosher video entertainment.


All trips are run by a member of our adult head staff and an EMT accompanies all overnight trips.


Extra supervision is provided by camp when necessary for safety. When plausible, camp will rent out the park or attraction to provide the best experience for your child.


Some of our trips to look forward to include:


Younger Grades:

Meadowlands State Fair

Adventurers Amusement Park

Keansburg Runaway Rapids Water Park


Middle Grades:


Keansburg Runaway Rapids Water Park

Air Trampoline Parks

American Dream Waterpark

Guppy Gulch Pennsylvania Overnight



Fifth Grade:

Six Flags New England

Connecticut Sports Center

American Dream Waterpark

RPM Raceway Indoor Go Carting

Keansburg Runaway Rapids Water Park

Top Golf

Outdoor Laser Tag


Air Trampoline Parks

Elite Division for 6th and 7th Graders:

Will be treated to even more of the great activities, trips and attractions that has made us famous, including additional overnight trips, top-of-the-line fun, late nights and more! Read all about Elites HERE.


Regular Schedule:


Camp begins at 9:25am each day (with supervision beginning 9:15am) and ends at 4pm for the younger grades and 5:15 for 5th Grade & Elite (Friday TBD, between 1pm - 2pm). 

There are available Early Drop Off / Late Dismissal Options, for details please see the registration packet. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text our director Rabbi Kaplinsky in the evenings at 551-206-3395.


Looking forward to a great summer!




Rabbi Avi Kaplinsky

Camp Director

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