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The few.          The proud. 

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Back for a second year!

Elite is the exclusive division of Camp Nofesh for 6th and 7th graders, looking for a summer experience not found anywhere else. 

Elite will feature many uniquely tailored activities and programs including:

  • Longer Days. Every day will be extended past the regular hours with a daily mincha minyan and afternoon activity.

  • Night Activities, such as night leagues, off-campus trips, and many other thrilling activities.

  • Trips just for Elite. Elite will be going on many trips which will culminate at the end of the summer on a three-day Niagara Falls trip.

  • Elite Campers will have opportunities to take part around camp to be a part of the staff action! With incentives as well as canteen bonuses, this is not an opportunity to pass up.

  • Elite Shabbaton. Elite will be going on a first-of-its-kind Shabbaton in a luxurious villa, with a private lake, pool, amenities, and much more!

  • We got the swag! Personalized t-shirts with each boy's name on his shirt, plus hoodies for the early bird sign-up.

If you are ready for the summer of a lifetime, then the choice is clear.


The Elite  

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